Private Lessons

It is the goal of the John Overton High School Band Department to provide the very best learning experience for each student. One important aspect of a student’s musical growth includes the opportunity to study privately with a professional instrumentalist. This enrichment opportunity is available to all band students. The private lesson program allows interested students to receive personalized instruction on their instrument. This individual interaction generally improves the performance level of the student and also has a positive effect on the band in which the student participates. Students interested in excelling in the Mid-State /All-State process will benefit tremendously. One of the greatest contributing factors to the success of the John Overton Band is the active involvement of our students in the private lesson program.

The fee for lessons will be $18.00 - $25.00 for a 30-minute lesson with a degreed teacher. All fees will be paid directly to the private lesson teacher. Each teacher will have policies and guidelines that they will cover at the student's first lesson. Students and parents can find contact information for the private lesson staff below. Any additional questions regarding the private lesson program should be directed to Ms. Miller at


Jessica Dunnavant -

Clarinet/Bass Clarinet:

Jen Zimmerer -


Kyle Hayes -

Low Brass:

Gary Miller -