What is Parking?

John Overton High School Band Parking Fundraiser

Parking is a fundraiser where students and parents go to different events and park cars to raise money for their individual band fees.

How does it work?

We use two different companies for parking fundraising, SP+ and Stewart Parking Solutions. Michelle Caperton is our contact for SP+ and Dinah Wells is our contact for Stewart Solutions. Requirements for each company are listed below:

Requirements for SP+

  • Must have one adult for every student (Freshman to Senior)
  • Must be willing to stand for the entire shift (breaks will be worked out forlonger shifts )
  • Must wear appropriate clothing (comfortable shirt and pants/jeans orshorts)
  • Tennis Shoes preferred for all jobsJob usually consists of flagging cars into designated lots and/or taking money for parking and giving a ticket receipt. It is an easy job and quite fun.Pay is $12.00 per hour per person working.

Requirements for Stewart Solutions

  • Must be at least 16 years old and at least one adult must work the shift with the 16+ year old
  • Must wear plain black pants/shorts
  • Stewart Solutions has shirts/jackets to wear so just wear a comfortable t-shirt/undershirt.
  • No jeans
  • No other colors
  • Tennis shoes are required for all jobs
  • Must be willing and able to stand for long periods of timeJob consists of flagging cars into designated lots and/or taking money in order to park/give ticket receipts or hole punch pre-purchased passes.Representatives of Stewart Parking must be professional and friendly. Pay is $12.00 per hour per person.

How do I sign up for parking?

For SP+

Email Michelle Caperton at displaying your interest in signing up for parking. Once Michelle has confirmed your request, then she will email you with a confirmation. Remember, this is ONLY for SP+

For Stewart Parking Solutions

Contact Dinah Wells directly at displaying your interest in signing up for parking for John Overton. Once you email Dinah your request she will contact you through your individual emails.

How do I sign up for the actual events?

Once you have contacted either Michelle or Dinah and gotten on the list for parking, they will be your points of contact for individual events.

For SP+, Michelle will send out monthly emails any time they need volunteers for SP+.

For Stewart Parking Solutions, Dinah will send out emails any time they need volunteers.

When will I receive payment?

SP+ and Stewart Solutions send checks to the school, which are then deposited into your individual accounts by the booster treasurer. This takes some time and does not happen immediately following the event.

Additional Information

Spots are highly competitive to work parking, so it is important that you are proactive in signing up as soon as availability emails are sent out by either Michelle or Dinah.

Contact Information

Michelle Caperton

Cell: 615-423-1194

Dinah Wells

Cell for Emergencies Only: 615-210-4129